Wednesday, February 15, 2012

More digital

I've used Photoshop and other programs to alter scans of my film based photography and my digital images. If you and I take the same image and merely click the "watercolor" option in Photoshop we will get the same image.  So, in my opinion, working an image beyond that is necessary if one is to call it "art."   " Is it "cheating" to take an image and enhance it by one or two clicks of the mouse?  Does a plein air painter cheat by finishing his or her work from a reference photo after the light has faded?

Here is another before and after comparison.  The original image is a Polaroid.  The film was outdated and that gave it the off colored look. (There is a whole group on Flickr dedicated to off color shots. ) I have posted this photo there.  


The after is a combination of three layers done with Corel's software.  I'm loving the "hot wax" effect.


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