Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New tools and SVA art auction

It's been a busy month leaving little time to blog.  But I'll take a few minutes to tell you about my latest tools.

1. a new used lens that works with both my Minolta SLR and Sony DSLR. 28-85mm Macro f3.5.  The macro setting is sweet.

2.  Green screen paper. 

3. AndreaMosaic. a free program off the interweb.

Trying hard to get some work out the door and still submit some pics for JMKAC Eight Counties.  Time is running out.  I put my latest stuff from the Lakeland College show and SVA Artwalk in for the SVA art Auction next month.  A preview of the auction is this month's Final Friday at EBCO Artworks.

Other than that I got a nice effect on a recent photo by bleaching and then sepia toning with a sponge rather than a bath.  Also I worked out how to get rid of 5 o'clock shadow using a program called Photoshop (tm), you may have heard of it.

This pic was made with the green screen paper.