Friday, September 11, 2009

2 shows

The pictures are up at Curative Therapies and delivered to Lakeland College for the Sheboygan Visual Artists  September Artwalk and The Bradley Exhibition respectively.  I'm on SVA communication commitee and we had a meeting at Hops Haven yesterday.  Word about SVA is getting out there.  We're seeing and tracking results from the web.  Go to to get details on the shows.  I hope you get a chance to visit both locations and EBCO on Sept 25th.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

More About the SVA ArtWalk and Curative Therapies

I'm really excited about the SVA ArtWalk.  Yesterday I had a chance meet with Kris and Kelly and to preview the area where I'll be showing seven of my pictures for three weeks.  The location is 604 Erie Ave. Sheboygan, inside Curative Therapies.  We'll be working on hanging and lighting the artwork in the coming days.  The show runs from Sept. 7th through the 25th. 

Mark your calendars for September 25th.  That night Sheboygan Visual Artists will host a closing reception for the ArtWalk at EBCO Artworks 1201 Erie Ave. from 8:00 to 10:30 following the walk which starts at 5:00p.m.. 
For this event we've added a Passport/Poker Run.  There are 13 locations around the town to see great locally produced artwork and get your passport stamped.  The more stamps you get the more chances to win in the raffle and poker run play off at the closing reception.  FUN? Yes!!
GET YOUR PASSPORT at .  Check the website for the line-up of participating artists and businesses and all the details about SVA.

I'd like to thank the good people at Curative Therapies for hosting my work and joining with Sheboygan Visual Artists to promote the local art scene in Sheboygan.
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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

ArtWalk Sept. 25th 2009

As a part of Sheboygan Visual Artists' Art after Five event I will be showing seven of my photographs at Curative Therapies 604 Erie Ave. From Sept 5th through 25th, 2009. The Artwalk is on the 25th with a reception at the end of the evening at EBCOartworks 1201 Erie Avenue.
Calla Lilies, Bleeding Hearts, and Gardener's Hand #2 are included in the show.