Friday, April 16, 2010

Three Bench Photographs

Here are three handcolored pinhole photographs that I made this month.
I'm entering these in the Sheboygan Visual Artists 2010 Membership Exhibition.

It's a juried show. I'll have at least one in the show and perhaps all three.  I still have a stash of Kodak Ektalure G surface paper, long ago discontinued.  It may be showing signs of aging but the surface has yet to be surpassed for handcoloring, in my opinion.  The prints were toned in Kodak Rapid Selenium toner.  All the coloring was added with colored pencils, Marshall's and Prismacolor.  The coloring is always very soft looking with the pencils as compared to using oils.  I like the control of the pencil. 
The light leaks, dust, and softness of the images is the stuff you deal with when working with pinhole cameras, well mine anyway.  I just made a new one that gives me a full image with a 4x5 film holder.  The third picture was made with it. The other two pictures were made with pinhole cameras that hold the sheet film at the back of the box instead of in a film holder.  I get more dust in those cameras.  All but one of my pinhole cameras are homemade.  The other is a throw away plastic 35mm camera that I took the lens out of and poked a hole through the shutter.  The pics are really blurry with it, but I can use roll film with it.  April 25th is world wide pinhole day!
Trying to create a lonely mood that works with the empty benches.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Shooting artwork

I've been busy taking pictures for Sheboygan Visual Artists members and contributors to the small works project.  If you need pictures of your artwork let me know.