Wednesday, October 3, 2012

TTV: How to get from A to B

Here is the raw shot taken with my Sony A200 through the viewfinder of a Kodak Duaflex II.

The steps taken in Photoshop CS 6:
1. Straighten.  2. Crop.  3. Sharpen all. 4. Adjust highlights, shadows and levels.  5 Soften background.  6. Partially desaturate background.  7. Partially color background. 8. Save.

The final product, Autumnal Shout.  

I wanted to emphasize the bold color of potted flowers and the slight levels adjustment got me the look I wanted for the plant.  The column needed some highlight adjustment to bring out some detail.  I softened the background and desaurated it to take the color down a bit.  The highlights, especially on the right, were too blue I thought. So, I painted a light brown tone on the almost all of the background. I think it makes the purple shadows in the column stand out a bit better.

This is one I'll likely print and frame to sell.  I included it in my SVA portfolio.

I added quite a few shots to the Garden set on my Flickr page.