Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Several ways to take 3D photos.

Years ago my wife bought me a Loreo 3D film camera.  It came with a viewer to use with 4x6 prints.  I used it a bit and it's more or less packed away.   I made a pinhole 3D camera for 4x5 sheet film and played with that a bit as well.   In the digital age I've been making 3D shots doing what one photographer calls the "Cha-Cha".  You take two pictures inches apart and process them for viewing side by side.  Here are some examples.
This is a parallel view.  You need a special viewer to see the 3D effect correctly.
The second picture is a crossview.  To see in 3D cross your eyes and merge the two sides.  The bike photo was done with a recently purchased Loreo product that attaches to a film or digital SLR.

This picture was made with my pinhole 3D film camera.  It requires processing and printing the film and then scanning to create a file to share here.
All of the above were made with one exposure.

The shot of the frog sculpture was a "cha cha", made by combining two shots into one image.  The drawback of this method is that you don't get good shots of anything moving.

The Loreo camera.

The Loreo lens.

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