Monday, July 25, 2011

Beaten by the sun.

On July 23rd, with fellow SVA member photographer Pat Ryan, I taught workshop on outdoor and close-up photography at Bookworm Gardens. A few days before, I was there taking some pictures to use as examples for the workshop.  Here are a few slides I made trying to explain the technique needed to get a picture with the water in motion and the rest of the scene in sharp focus.

So, I challenged the workshop participants to make this shot with a tripod.
I used a tripod too.  I have to admit that I still haven't been able to get the results that I'm looking for.  The sun was out on both days making it very hard to get a long enough exposure at my lens's highest f-stop.  Some of the others had better light when a cloud came by to help out.  Using a polarizing filter, I was able to make a few shots that I put into Photoshop and tried to do an HDR merge.  The shots weren't perfectly aligned and the result is not good. So, I did my own merged shot.  Here they are, HDR automatically first and then my attempt.  I'll give it another try under different lighting conditions and post those results.  These were shot right around noon.


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