Friday, June 4, 2010

My Small Works for Sheboygan Visual Artists

Clicking the title above will take you to SVA's facebook page showing the Small Works donated by mostly local but some faraway artists.  SVA is selling the work to fund art in the park projects free and open to anyone this summer in Sheboygan WI.  Here is the first piece I've made.
It's called Fragile Memories and is made with Polaroid film emulsion lift onto canvas and oil paint.
The film is really old and the exposures were made with a pinhole camera.  I went through a pack of ten trying to get a good exposure.  I didn't ever get one that wasn't overall blue.  So I decided to use these as emulsion lifts.  I had intended to use liquid emulsion for the SVA Small Works Project canvases that I took.  Three things changed my thinking. First, I got so busy tracking, photographing, and posting all the other work that time got to be a consideration.  Secondly, I never decided on an image of mine that I was sure would pack enough punch for printing on canvas.  Thirdly, after seeing so many great paintings come in I decided to take the plunge and give it a try.  So, I combined  photography with painting for this piece and then painted another canvas.  More on that later.

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